lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

Heart Cherries

I went to the doctor's this morning, I have a cold that makes my body ake! I also had to buy some food and the local market was round the corner, so there I went.

In TV they have been saying that Valencian cherries are very good this year, so there I was buying cheese, bread, and cherries, of course. The guy looks at me and says: Try one! while I ask him for a kilogram of those very tasty cherries. He says 2€50, and while I get my purse he looks at me and says: Do you realized what you are buying for that little money? He holds the cherries up so I can look at them -and think and shout at the same time: Hearts! And so he proudly smiles. Heart Cherries, that how they are called. Amazingly crafted by nature...

Paracetamol will help, I am sure, but hey! I did't mind taking all those hearts home with me. Such a lovely sign. They say love's a healer .

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