jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

My first day in Etsy!

I've gone mad and I have opened my etsy shop! Am I ready to depart on this exciting journey?

We'll see. I know, I know, only one item, one photo only (and not even a very good one!) is not enough. But I just had to start with what I had. A step at a time.

My skills as an entrepreneur have never been shown, so I need to make sure I find them, nurture them, and I apply them. I will follow my friends wise advises and my intuition, and I hope the enthusiasm for what I do will help me getting there. I remember the book called "Do what you love and money will follow".

Oh well, please wish me luck! This is so exciting! I'm on board and ready to go with the flow!

domingo, 12 de julio de 2009

Accept Reality

Kelly Rae Roberts is a presence in my creative life lately. I got her book, I visit her blog regularly and I have started playing with textures and materials I didn't even know that existed. But, of course, we all tend to go back to our own preferences, and paper has come back to my hands but with a new material:

Reeves 3D paste and acrylic paints I bough in opitec, and Gvarro 130 gr. I had laying arroung waiting to be used for years.

We all have aspirations, dreams, hopes, and of course frustrations. Here is an invitation to accept the colours of your reality, enjoy them, play with them, don't look at the colours you don't have in your palete, make the most of the ones you have.

I loved making those cards, I wonder if I will be able to stop making more an more. I already bought more paper and I will soon be getting matching envelopes. Friends! get ready to get those on the post!

Loving the colours in my life,


lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

Heart Cherries

I went to the doctor's this morning, I have a cold that makes my body ake! I also had to buy some food and the local market was round the corner, so there I went.

In TV they have been saying that Valencian cherries are very good this year, so there I was buying cheese, bread, and cherries, of course. The guy looks at me and says: Try one! while I ask him for a kilogram of those very tasty cherries. He says 2€50, and while I get my purse he looks at me and says: Do you realized what you are buying for that little money? He holds the cherries up so I can look at them -and think and shout at the same time: Hearts! And so he proudly smiles. Heart Cherries, that how they are called. Amazingly crafted by nature...

Paracetamol will help, I am sure, but hey! I did't mind taking all those hearts home with me. Such a lovely sign. They say love's a healer .

jueves, 11 de junio de 2009


After a very calm and productive weekend I happy to show you some of the results of my work, all those beads turned up into necklaces for my friends.

First of all I need to thank my kind friend Eva for lending me her camera last night so I could start taking photos of a better quality. I could not wait to show the results so here I am. Getting a camera myself and having photography lessons probably should be the next step...but I am too keen on spending all my free time crafting.

I love the word craft. For Spanish people it is quite difficult to pronounce, but I like it! There should be a mantra with that sound. I must look up for songs that sing about it, please let me know if you know of any.

Back to last weeks' work. I used different colour cotton cord, a very big needle, and some buttons my Mum and Dad had in a basquet in their workshop for a while, some of them probably for more than 30 years. Also, I sewed some glass beads which went into embelishing some of the larger felt beads, stitching them with a cotton thread and very fine needls, very very fine ones for the burgundy beads.
I will present My Sinfonietta, officially, to my friends next Monday. I hope they like them. I have called them Sinfonietta, as it is a bigger production than a Sonata, but too small to be called a Symphony, really. I must walk before I run, don't I.

Now I run out of beads, but I can't stop making necklaces, so I keep on felting beads in the evenings (while I watch Dr, House) and putting them together the following day.

I'd love to hear what you think about them.



sábado, 6 de junio de 2009

Back to hand on crafting

After a few weeks of focusing on making music, enjoying visits from friends from foreign lands, and teaching, I am back at crafting. Here are some of the awaiting felted beads I have managed to make. I did set myself a target: to have 300 beads felted by today....Oh well, I managed about 100. So, I will have to enjoy them while they last and make the most of them. Looking forward to showing you what they end up looking like: necklaces, phone charms, key rings or brooches?
Craft is in the air, na na ná na ná na ná!

Have a nice weekend!

martes, 2 de junio de 2009

My Wake Up Snake!

After weeks of having set this blog, and not being able to start writing any comments, finally inspiration has arrived! And what a way it has decided to arrive in, very scary, really. I’d like to present my WUS: “Wake up! Snake".
Yesterday afternoon a huge snake (over a meter and a half long, wider than a cola can, not kidding!) was unpleasantly sitting on my garden’s floor, just next to my main door, while Lailka was barking like mad trying to warn me about the close danger.

What happened after I realized that she was there was a bit of a film kind of a scene: me shouting while running out of the house, my neighbor coming in trying to safely put the huge snake safely away but actually harming her, she did look dead for a while, came to life and scared us again to death. She, WUS, being picked up again and put safely this time in a bucket, waiting for the “snake expert” and the police to come and take her away.

All that when the neighbors were about to go to the pediatrician with their new born baby, and I had to go to my last rehearsal before an important concert tomorrow, so I asked a friend to come and watch the bucked while the police and the expert came.

And so they did. They said that the snake was a “she”, that she had not laid eggs (we did not need to worry about finding hundreds of little snakes in the near future, imagination has no limits, you know?), that she was not poisonous and that it was a local type of snake. Not to worry really. They left wondering why we had harmed the animal, they were going to look after her and then take her out again to her natural environment.

Later conversations with my neighbors brought comments on how, having had snakes when he was young and being an animal lover, he really thought the snake was poisonous, and how worried he had been, thinking that it was, had been, so close to his family. We talked about how impressed I was about him managing to stop her from pressing his arm, when she had her whole body round his wrist and she would not let go, and how that snake faked to be dead so HE would let go (clever girl). He said he had not, in all the years he has lived here, seen a snake that big nor that strong.

And last night I went to sleep with all that excitement. And today I went to work to school. And could not talk/think about any other thing than that blooming snake. Glad that she is safe but still could not understand the effect it was having on me. Instead of leaving me more worried about living in the countryside (I have only been living here for three months) it made me feel strong about it. And here is a picture I did as a need, and it came up with words around it:

Wake up! Sleepy-dreamy silly girl.
Be aware of danger! There are big snakes out there. Little dogs will make you aware of them.
Feel safe! Your neighbor is the closest man to Superman you are ever going to have as a neighbour after all! May be next time there is no need to hurt anybody. Sorry!
You are supported by the Universe! Your friends are there when you need them and rehearsals can happen an hour later. Thank you!
Heal! Both yourself and others with your gifted hands. Snakes are healing icons, aren't they?
Strongly! Believe in your decisions, face the world (like the snake did), grow, regardles of unbelievers.
Act! Do-go what-where you think- feel must do-go. What-where else can you do-go anyway?
Celebrate Life! As you always do, you are in the right track.
Smile, Things are going to be fine.

Thanks WUS, my Wake Up Snake!

I really hope she is fine…….........................................and far ;o)