jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

My first day in Etsy!

I've gone mad and I have opened my etsy shop! Am I ready to depart on this exciting journey?

We'll see. I know, I know, only one item, one photo only (and not even a very good one!) is not enough. But I just had to start with what I had. A step at a time.

My skills as an entrepreneur have never been shown, so I need to make sure I find them, nurture them, and I apply them. I will follow my friends wise advises and my intuition, and I hope the enthusiasm for what I do will help me getting there. I remember the book called "Do what you love and money will follow".

Oh well, please wish me luck! This is so exciting! I'm on board and ready to go with the flow!

domingo, 12 de julio de 2009

Accept Reality

Kelly Rae Roberts is a presence in my creative life lately. I got her book, I visit her blog regularly and I have started playing with textures and materials I didn't even know that existed. But, of course, we all tend to go back to our own preferences, and paper has come back to my hands but with a new material:

Reeves 3D paste and acrylic paints I bough in opitec, and Gvarro 130 gr. I had laying arroung waiting to be used for years.

We all have aspirations, dreams, hopes, and of course frustrations. Here is an invitation to accept the colours of your reality, enjoy them, play with them, don't look at the colours you don't have in your palete, make the most of the ones you have.

I loved making those cards, I wonder if I will be able to stop making more an more. I already bought more paper and I will soon be getting matching envelopes. Friends! get ready to get those on the post!

Loving the colours in my life,